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What else do we have besides cardboard?

What else do we have besides cardboard?

The e-commerce industry doesn't solely rely on cardboard, but also on all the products that help safely deliver packages to customers. While cardboard packaging holds a special place in the hearts of many in our office, there are plenty of underappreciated sidekicks in the packaging world. It's time to introduce these unsung heroes to a wider audience.


The Fantastic Four

The first of these is flo-pak, environmentally friendly polyester chips shaped like figure eights. Thanks to them, that elegant porcelain dinnerware ordered for Aunt's birthday will arrive intact, right down to the plate adorned with Chinese characters. Flo-pak will also shield a new plasma TV screen from scratches and protect a set of glass wine glasses from the less-than-gentle hands of a student working at the sorting facility. Flo-pak is the defender of fragile and delicate items, and together with cardboard packaging, they form an unyielding duo of travelers.




Next up is the beloved bubble wrap. It's not just for stress-relieving bubble-popping; it's also used for wrapping pallets and, in particular, safeguarding glass items. For example, scented candles, bike mirrors, car parts, or bathroom mirrors, during transportation. Just wrap these delicate items in bubble wrap a few times, and they're ready to be thrown against a wall like a ping pong ball. They'll bounce back unharmed.



Anyone who has ever been in a warehouse has likely become well-acquainted with stretch film. Who can wrap a pallet or a package better than it? It's always an elegant black color, incredibly stretchy, and comes with plenty of meters on a single roll. Plus, it's cost-effective. At least in our store.



The fourth musketeer in this company is packing foam. Soft, lightweight, and airy, it doesn't significantly increase the weight of the shipment but provides excellent cushioning. This is especially valued on the famously stable Polish roads. It's typically used in large quantities for transporting furniture parts and wooden items.



The Smaller Helpers

The above heroes have a wide range of helpers, including packing tapes, corrugated cardboard, and paper fillers. We offer packing tapes with your logo printed on them so that anyone who orders from your store can see who is responsible for their new bed linens, child's scooter, or electric scooter. We can also print the same logo on every cardboard box. It can be uniform in color or in a variety of colors, but I suggest black; it always looks the best.



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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Nasze zamówienie zostało bardzo szybko zrealizowane. Prosta obsługa strony, wycena jest od ręki, brak konieczności robienia wykrojnika - to duże plusy. Szkoda, że nie robią pudełek prezentowych, brałabym od razu
Szybko i dobrze :)