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How do you secure your products in shipping boxes?

How do you secure your products in shipping boxes?

If you are in retail or produce goods with a high value (e.g. designer fashion accessories or valuable car parts) that definitely exceeds £300 or £500, then we would like to introduce you to three ways to secure your products during transport.




Use damage-resistant boxes

Try to choose robust boxes that fit the dimensions of your product. Ordering a cheaper option very often carries the risk of damage. Sometimes it is better to consider ordering boxes made of 5-ply cardboard (BC or EB wave), which has a weight of more than 600 g/m2. The product will arrive intact and the box will not be damaged. This will certainly affect fewer returns.





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Use packing tape to seal box flaps

If you are shipping your goods in cardboard boxes, you will probably need tape to seal them. A sturdy tape to prevent damage is a great way to increase the security and stability of your parcel. Such tape is also sure to affect the behaviour of the courier delivering the parcel.   

Check out our range of this type of tape here.





Try our fillers

In order to prevent the product from moving around in the box, it is worth considering the use of fillers. Here we can mention, for example, bubble foil or ecological paper fillers. These will come in handy in situations where fragile or highly vulnerable items are being shipped. By using a filler, we provide them with a soft cushion, which, in addition to the previously mentioned measures, is an additional protection.  

Take a look at our range of such fillers.



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And if you are curious about the topic of securing your parcels but don't know what to opt for, please contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the right measures!


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