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Check out what's the deal with that die-cut

Check out what's the deal with that die-cut

4 paragraphs to tell you what a die-cutter does in a cardboard shop

When you call our company, you probably often come across situations where the friendly Mr Kamil or the smiling Mr Kuba mentions that, yes, we can deliver your order. We only have one but. A die-cutter is needed. So who? Or what? Who is this mysterious individual? Is it the employee who cuts the cardboard boxes, the sharpest knife in the warehouse or perhaps the CEO's favourite cat? I will try to dispel the aura of mystery surrounding this unusual creature.

A surprising solution

Well, a die-cutting machine is nothing more than an ordinary type of box-cutting press. A shaped plane with permanently fixed blades is pressed against sheets of cardboard, thereby die-cutting the entire shape of the box in a single "stroke". This radically speeds up the die-cutting of cardboard packaging, so that a shop like CartonBox can boast probably the fastest turnaround time for your orders on the entire Polish market.

Modern manufacturing

Today's die-cutters are born in specialised design software so that any shape can be given to cut any type of box. The mould is then materially laser-fired, cutting and pressing lines and rubber dampers are added. This is done with technical marvels such as a waterjet cutter, a milling plotter, a laser or an electric bender. It used to be not so good. The die-cutting was done by hand, helped only by saws, jigsaws or other tools that happened to be "borrowed" from the local bookbinder. The end result thus depended on the experience, skill and humour of the craftsman. Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case and all die-cuts for you are perfect. Boxes too.

A world without cardboard boxes

For common sense, it's hard to imagine where life would be without die-cuts. What would couriers bring us pizzas in? Plastic bags? And how would we deliver our online purchases? With die-cutters, we can precisely and quickly cut out any box shape, press it and send it to the customer in less time than it takes to call the offices of other carton manufacturers. If you need die-cut cardboard packaging - call us and ask for Kuba or Kamil!

What's next?

Of course, we realise that these brief considerations do not completely satisfy your curiosity to delve even deeper into the fascinating world of cardboard packaging. In the next text, we will take a closer look at another life-and-death-defining issue: what exactly is this wave, how many layers of cardboard are enough to pack a TV and when will my packaging finally arrive?

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Nasze zamówienie zostało bardzo szybko zrealizowane. Prosta obsługa strony, wycena jest od ręki, brak konieczności robienia wykrojnika - to duże plusy. Szkoda, że nie robią pudełek prezentowych, brałabym od razu
Szybko i dobrze :)