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An introduction to the world of cardboard packaging

An introduction to the world of cardboard packaging

Let's start with the simplest one. At least in theory. What is a wave?

Contrary to what you might think, it has nothing to do with your father's good (more or less) memories of the army, seasickness or radio transmission. Apparently, to get a good understanding of what a wave is, you need to start with a brief introduction to the process of cardboard creation. Let's make it quick and painless.

How is a box made?

Multi-ply cardboard, the type of cardboard from which we make your cardboard packaging, is made from fibre pulp. The quality of this pulp determines whether the cardboard packaging is among the better or the worse ones. We have the better ones. The pulp, sometimes also called pulp, is decomposed and dried. The sheets are subjected to steam and high temperatures. Once dry, the layers of paper are pressed into place using pressure. This is how the waves are created. The "higher the wave", the thicker the cardboard. All philosophy. Unfortunately, not necessarily.

Lots of grammage, stable cardboard

A lot also depends on the grammage - that is, the density of the cardboard in the packaging. Even thick, high-wave cardboard can flatten or collapse if it has little cardboard in the box. Such a colossus on legs of clay. Simple, right? If not, call the hotlines and ask for Mr Kamil. He will dispel any doubts on the spot.

And what is the difference between three-ply and five-ply cardboard? Very simple. Three-ply cardboard consists of one wave and five-ply cardboard consists of two waves. Very mundane, right? Below is an illustrative drawing.

Mr Kamil will help

So to answer the title question, how many layers of cardboard are enough to pack a TV? It depends. On the wave and the weight. And the type of television. Mr Kamil (tel. 500 463 912) will certainly explain everything. Let's now move on to the question of the day.

When will my order finally arrive?

If we have the boxes in stock, we will send them out the same day. Unless it's a specific size and you have to cut it out of cardboard, in which case it will take a little longer. If, in addition, it is so exotic that a die-cutting machine is needed, it will take a little longer. And then there's the quantity. It takes shorter to produce tens of packs, thousands a little longer. Mr Kuba ( will certainly give you an exact deadline once he has familiarised himself with the case.

Anyone who has been ordering cardboard packaging for a long time will surely have noticed that lead times have increased recently. Why? In short - the pandemic effect. People are sitting at home, ordering more, shops are shipping more and using more cardboard boxes. And so it goes all over the world. Paper mills can't keep up with the drying and pressing of the pulp (i.e. that 'pulp' from which the boxes are made). That's why it's better to call us and order early, rather than wait a long time later.

In the next episode of our cardboard life, we will address, among other things, a very burning issue that is particularly electrifying for a certain section of our office staff - Can I order one box and pick it up quickly on site?

And if so, where?

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