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A unique box from the FEFCO catalogue

A unique box from the FEFCO catalogue



FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) is the international organisation for corrugated board manufacturers. The institution has created a catalogue of packaging standards, which is recognised worldwide as a benchmark of quality and design. This catalogue provides a tool for identifying and classifying corrugated packaging, enabling manufacturers and customers to communicate quickly and easily. Today we would like to discuss one of the boxes from this list in more detail.

We are taking the FEFCO 201 box with additional creasing to the wallpaper. This is a standard corrugated cardboard box. It belongs to the group of the most frequently used packaging types, due to its versatility and ease of assembly. The FEFCO 201 box is made up of two flaps that can be folded and closed to create a stable packaging for the transfer of products.

Benefits of the FEFCO 201 box

The FEFCO 201 box is often chosen for sending irregularly shaped products, as the flaps allow the interior of the box to be adapted to the dimensions of the product. In addition, this box is robust and can be reused many times.

When sending your products in standard boxes, it is very often necessary to use fillers to ensure the stability and security of the package contents. FEFCO 201 flap boxes with additional creasing will allow you to quickly and easily adapt the height of the box to your needs, closing it easily without the need for fillers.

When you decide to use FEFCO 201 boxes, there is no need to order many different types of boxes taking up valuable storage space and generating unnecessary costs.

Raise the standard of your shipping with FEFCO 201 boxes.

When you purchase through us, you can be sure of a high-quality product that is made of cardboard that guarantees durability and resistance to damage during transport. As a result, you can be sure that your product will reach your customer intact.

If you want to optimise your packaging and free yourself from the need to use fillers, order our FEFCO 201 flap boxes with additional creasing today. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this versatile and practical solution!


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