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6 reasons why the right corrugated box model matters!

6 reasons why the right corrugated box model matters!

As you are well aware, corrugated cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From a simple box with the FEFCO 201 model, to a box with full flaps (FEFCO 203), special locks (e.g. FEFCO 427), telescopic (FEFCO 320) or two-piece (FEFCO 300 or FEFCO 330). It all comes down to creating the right box design.At CartonBox we have our own experienced design team equipped with the latest software. This allows us to produce visualisations and packaging prototypes according to the customer's needs before production.

Why is box design so important?

Here are six reasons why you should use our design resources when completing your box order.

1. Less waste = more savings

Why would you choose a standard box (usually too big) when your product is smaller and you need to use filler to fill the empty space? Working with our design team, we can help you choose the perfect internal size and box model for your product. First of all, it looks much better when the end recipient takes the goods out of the perfectly fitting box - it improves the so-called unboxing experience. In addition, you save money by not paying for unnecessary fillers that you don't need.

2. Customised product shape

Using our software, we can design not only the outer packaging, but also the corrugated cardboard inserts/separators in which we will place your products. This will help prevent your product from moving around during transport and give it the protection it needs for courier shipments. There may be a model of box that is more suitable for transporting your goods - we would be happy to check this out.

3. Environmentally friendly

The environment is under increasing pressure. By using custom-designed cardboard packaging, we can eliminate the need to fill empty spaces with plastic, for example. This will reduce the need to dispose of unnecessary plastic packaging in landfills. Your products will also take up less space on pallets and therefore need less truck space, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint associated with transport. This makes the packaging much more environmentally friendly!

4. Customised packaging

By choosing bespoke boxes, you can fully customise your packaging to match your brand image. This can help increase sales as you will be offering a unique packaging solution for your product. This helps to reinforce your image to customers and add excitement to the end user when they receive the product. In the age of e-commerce, changing your packaging can make you instantly recognisable and help you stand out from the crowd! Maybe you're thinking about individual printing on your boxes? We are at your service!

5. Increased efficiency

Using originally designed cardboard boxes can help to increase productivity. Using designs such as boxes with automatic bottoms or special locks can make the packaging process faster, increasing productivity. It can also help save money, as these designs usually need less or no packing tape to close.

6. Full product protection

The die-cut box is ideal for bespoke packaging. You can commission us to design a box that fully protects your product. A designer can make a packaging template on the software and then organise custom packaging solutions for your goods. All that is needed is the product details, external dimensions, shape and weight of the item. One of the advantages of boxes produced from die-cutting is that each box is uniform in size and style, giving the packaging a very professional look. To personalise your die-cut boxes even further, you can have them printed with your logo, website address and contact details. All this will help to create unique boxes for the sale of your products.

 By choosing the right die-cut box design for your needs, you can:
- save money,
- stand out from the crowd,
- help save the planet.

In our opinion, it really is worth it.


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Nasze zamówienie zostało bardzo szybko zrealizowane. Prosta obsługa strony, wycena jest od ręki, brak konieczności robienia wykrojnika - to duże plusy. Szkoda, że nie robią pudełek prezentowych, brałabym od razu
Szybko i dobrze :)